Keepsake Ideas for Your Wedding Guests!

One could make the argument that you don’t really need a keepsake when it comes to weddings. After all, aren’t keepsakes just there to help you remember a particular day or event? And how could anyone possibly forget about your wedding day? When you think about it like this, keepsakes for your guests start to feel a bit redundant, right?

Keepsake Ideas for Your Wedding Guests!

Sure, people will probably remember your wedding day quite well. But keepsakes aren’t just there to remind people of the day; people like these sorts of things for the same reasons they buy souvenirs when they visit other countries, or take photos – they simply love that mark that they were there and part of something. You could call it pointless sentimentality, but that wouldn’t really be accurate. There’s no fighting it: you should give your guests some kind of keepsake!

Of course, pretty much anything can be a keepsake if you make it something that’s worth holding onto. So let’s take a look at some of the most popular items that can be turned into great keepsake ideas for your wedding!


Gifts are probably the most obvious form of keepsake, purely because their sole purpose is to be kept for a long time (unless the gift is food or drink, of course). But a lot of couples get a bit stuck when it comes to picking out gifts for their guests. If you want a gift to work well as a keepsake, then you should personalize it with something about you and the date of your wedding. Engraving, such as what you can get at, is key here. Calendars, glasses, cushions, signs, boxes, flower vases… anything can be engraved!


Speaking of flower vases, the flowers themselves can make for really good keepsakes. Of course, if you want to give flowers to your guests for this purpose, or want the flowers for the bouquet toss to serve the same purpose, then you’ll need to look into fake flowers! You can look into artificial flowers at places like These can look gorgeous, and fake plants are becoming more and more popular as home decorations these days – but it’s understandable if you’d prefer the bouquet to be real!

artificial wedding flower keepsakes



Everyone tends to forget that the invitations can make for great keepsakes – months before the wedding actually takes place! (This is why it’s always really useful to, y’know, actually get married on the date that you set!) A lot of people assume that people are just going to throw them away, but if you have beautiful, bespoke wedding invitations, then people will be more keen to hang onto them as a keepsake! can provide bespoke invitations for this purpose.


Finally, you can have wedding photos taken then printed out and personalized for people to take home that day. This can be done if you use the right wedding photography company or freelancer. If you have some personalized frames at the ready in which to insert the photos for presentation, then you’ve got an incredible keepsake for your guests.