Planning a Second Wedding

Getting married for the second time? Whether you’re a widow or divorcee taking a second chance at love, or a couple who wants to renew their vows, maybe you would say, “Been there, done that.” But is getting married for the second time and preparing for the wedding as easy as it sounds? As they say, love is lovelier the second time around. Maybe for some, but for others it may not always be the case. Pre-wedding jitters, series of activities and events causing sleepless nights, stress, and worries are just as real whether you experience it for the first time, or more than once in your life.


While the experience of having been married before would make a world of difference when one gets hitched again, the lack of preparations would just flush any amount of experience down the drain when the wedding turns into a comedy of bloopers or even worse, a disaster. As folks say, no two weddings are alike, so preparations for a second wedding call for the same amount of careful planning as that required of a first-time wedding.

To have a worry-free celebration of your second try at marriage, consider the following practical tips or suggestions, as follows:

1. Learn from experience. Find some time to sit down and remember the events that transpired during your first wedding. Was there an overwhelming turnout of guests and food almost ran out? Don’t let this happen again and jot it down as one of the things that must be avoided. If you’re previous marriage was a civil ceremony, then why not consider getting married in church? In short, avoid committing the same mistakes and try to learn from past experiences.

2. Be a hands-on bride. This is the second wedding. Forego your plans of hiring the services of a wedding coordinator. You can do it yourself! Enlist the help of other family members when you need an extra hand. Being pretty much experienced in life in general, then by this time you are now capable of planning your own wedding. Make your own decisions now. Pick your own color motif for the reception. Work with your florist, musical arranger, or video/photo service providers. But be sure that you have discussed the planning with the groom who might want to get involved, too.

3. Trying out something new. Your first wedding celebration was the wedding straight out of your dream wedding. You are planning to repeat the theme, or copy the wedding’s color motif. If it is your desire to repeat some features in your previous wedding, do not be too stuck down in history. Do not hold the reception in the same venue, give out the same wedding mementos, nor play the same music.

4. Second weddings have their fair share of situations common to union of people in second marriages – their children from previous relationships. Without forcing them, give the children the chance to participate in the celebration. Younger children can become your flower girls or ring bearer, while teenage kids can participate as junior brides or junior grooms men. But be sure that you discuss it with them and your ex-spouse.

Second Wedding Etiquette

Assuming that your previous marriage did not tarnish your relations with your ex-spouse and his or her family, it would be good to invite them over. After all, failed marriages need not be translated to failed relations. But if such is not the situation, then do not force the issue. Doing so will only carry-over unnecessary tension and issues to your new married life.

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