Using Pumpkins for Fall Weddings

Many couples choose to go against the tradition of the spring wedding and tie the knot in the beautiful fall season. If you’re preparing for your fall wedding, there are lots of ways to make it beautiful, special, and seasonal! One of the most widely recognized and appropriate fall symbols is the pumpkin. Read on to find out how you can use pumpkins in a variety of innovative ways for your fall wedding.

Creative Ideas for Using Pumpkins for Fall Weddings


When choosing invitations, go for traditional invites adorned with images of fall like pumpkins and autumn leaves. Or, go a bit more casual and fun and create invitations shaped to look like pumpkins! The pumpkin color scheme can be reflected in many places during your wedding.

Wedding Color Scheme:

Your wedding color scheme can be pumpkin orange combined with a coordinating shade. For contrast, choose mossy green. Or, go for a coordinating color like a lighter or darker orange shade, red, or yellow. You could even choose a neutral shade like ivory. For a gothic feel, go for black and orange. Your color scheme can be used for your balloons, streamers, invitations, flowers and tablecloths.


Pumpkins can be used to decorate around the wedding venue. Miniature pumpkins can serve as markers for Table numbers or as name/place cards.

Fall Wedding Pumpkin Place Cards

A Halloween wedding could even have carved Jack-o-Lantern pumpkins to decorate.

More Ideas for a Halloween Wedding Theme
Decorate with Carved Jack-O-Lanterns for a Halloween Wedding

Bride’s Bouquet

Yes, miniature pumpkins are just the right size to add the perfect Autumnal touch to a bridal bouquet. Check out some inspiration with this lovely fall bouquet featuring pumpkins.

Fall Pumpkin Wedding Bouqet
Fall Pumpkin Wedding Bouqet

Pumpkins as Serving Bowls:

One creative way to use pumpkins for your fall wedding is as serving bowls. Try serving hot pumpkin flavored soup served in a hollowed out miniature pumpkin. Most any kind of dish can be presented in a small pumpkin or decorative gourd that’s been hollowed out and cleaned thoroughly.


Pumpkins can also be used as gorgeous centerpieces. Fill pretty baskets with a variety of miniature pumpkins and decorative gourds. You could even spray paint them with gold paint for a classic look. Or, hollow out a medium to large sized pumpkin and use it as a makeshift flower pot (shown above). Simply place floral foam in the bottom and arrange a variety of coordinating blossoms and bunches of silk autumn leaves. You can also use gourds and mini pumpkins as candleholders. Simply carve out a hole large enough to securely accommodate the candle size of your choice.

Wedding Cake:

Your wedding cake can be pumpkin flavored, and frosted with succulent maple frosting. Adorn your cake with a variety of tiny pumpkins and autumn leaves made from stiff, colored frosting. Any bakery worth using should be able to make a gorgeous fall-inspired cake any way you like it. Find wine charms that look like pumpkins to adorn your wine bottles for some extra autumn flair.

Decorating the Aisle:

You can even line the aisle that you’ll be walking down with attractive medium-sized pumpkins. Give your flower girl a basket of pretty autumn leaves to adorn your path with before you take your walk down the aisle! With some planning and a little creativity, you can find a variety of ways to use pumpkins and other fall symbols in your wedding ceremony and reception. Forget spring — your wedding will declare the most romantic time of the year to be fall!