Planning an Outdoor Winter Wedding – Tips, Decorating, Favors, Food, Centerpieces, Bridal dress etc.


Planning an Outdoor Winter WeddingSpringtime isn’t the only season that’s popular for weddings! Winter weddings are gaining in popularity, and can even be held outdoors. If you’d like an outdoor winter wedding, you’ll need to do some planning. Keep reading for some tips and ideas to make your outdoor winter wedding the magical experience of your dreams.

Add Warmth: First, you’ll need to choose a location. Your wedding location can be anywhere from a local park to a friend or family member’s backyard. Some churches have grounds large enough to accommodate an outdoor wedding. If you live in an area that has cold winters, you’ll probably want a tent or awning to protect guests from the elements. There are convenient space heaters that can be purchased to help keep guests warm.

Invitations: Once you’ve attended to the details of providing protection and warmth, you can focus on more enjoyable aspects of your wedding. Invitations should tie in with your chosen colors and wedding theme. Be sure to not only include the time and location of your wedding, but also that its being held outdoors so guests can dress warmly.

Location: Location is another important detail. A gazebo or arbor can make a lovely place to have your ceremony. While you can probably find a florist that can provide fresh blooms, silk flowers adorning your ceremony location are just as beautiful and a lot hardier.

Flowers & Decorations: When choosing flowers and decorations, there are two popular themes you can try. One is a holiday theme, which features lots of red and green. Poinsettia, holly, red rose, evergreen and mistletoe are all gorgeous floral choices. Or, you could try a frosty theme that includes icy shades of silk flowers and decorations like pale blue, white and silver.

Bride’s Attire: Your bridal attire and that of your bridesmaids is something else you’ll need to attend to. While you can of course wear the beautiful white gown of your dreams, you’ll need something to keep you warm. A faux fur stole or cape is a sophisticated and beautiful choice. Or, go for a warm woolen or cashmere cape. Make sure you choose something for your bridesmaids as well to keep them toasty that coordinates with their dresses.

Menu: The menu for an outdoor wedding, especially if the reception is also going to be outdoors, should include comforting cold-weather favorites. Hearty soups and stews, roasted meats, and of course hot cider or cocoa for guests to enjoy are all great choices. Centerpieces for your tables can be anything from candles nestled in floral wreaths to crystal sculptures that look like carved ice.

Wedding Favors: You’ll also need wedding favors. Inexpensive disposable cameras make thoughtful favors and allow guests to capture memories of your ceremony and the beauty of the outdoors. Another idea that is similar to the old tradition of throwing rice is giving guests packets of birdseed to toss. Rice can swell in a bird’s stomach and cause great harm, but birdseed offers hungry feathered friends that are still around a nice winter snack. Many couples hand out miniature bottles of bubbles for guests to blow as well. This is a fun idea and the floating bubbles add a magical ambiance to the day!

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