Five Things To Consider When You Start Wedding Planning

You have just been proposed to, or maybe you were the one making the proposal. Either way, you have made the decision to get engaged and get married. Congratulations! Here’s where the fun starts. But wedding planning can be overwhelming. It’s easy to flitter from one idea to the next and not get much done.

Take a breath and grab your favourite drink. Let me tell you the first five things to consider when beginning to plan your wedding. After conquering these steps, you will be well on your way to a day to remember.

Wedding Planning Tips

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Know your budget

Money isn’t the nicest conversation to have. But with a wedding, it’s so easy to let the costs spiral out of control, so you need to know your budget. Is it just down to you and your partner to pay for the wedding? Is there any family contributing? Can you realistically save for the wedding you imagined and how do you plan on doing? All are not easy questions to answer, but once you establish the budget, the fun can begin.

Work out what you and your partner want

Everyone has an opinion and will want to tell you their thoughts. Of course it’s always worth listening to these views. You may even agree with some of them, but just remember it should be what you and your partner want. It’s an excellent idea to sit down together and work out what you want from your wedding day. Is it going to be a traditional wedding or do you wish to explore wedding venues overseas? Is there a theme? Would you like a specific colour scheme? Make a note of every idea you like and you will start to see the pieces come alive for your big day.

Big or small wedding?

You don’t have to have a finalised guest list right away. But it’s worthwhile knowing an idea on the numbers. You may think you know how many guests will be attending, but until you draft up a list, there will always be someone you have forgotten.

Small Wedding

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Summer extravaganza or winter wonderland?

After establishing a few key facts, you are in a much better position to decide when you wedding will take place. Perhaps you envisioned a lovely hot sunny day with the sun shining or a cold icy winter affair? All the above will help you set a date for the big day.

Choose your venue wisely

It seems like such a simple decision to make, but choosing the place you want to get married is hard. Once you have established the type of wedding you want, do you research into venues. Make contact with them, and ensure that the place can provide what you want. It isn’t any good considering a small country church if you have 200 guests attending.

Finally, once you have worked your way through this, the real fun can begin. Dress shopping, flowers, food. But my final bit of advice would be to enjoy it.