11 Ways to Make Your Wedding Unique

If you want your wedding to stand out from the rest and be a once in a lifetime event not only for you, bit for all of the friends and family you have invited to share the special day with you, check out the following tips for making your wedding unique…

11 Ways to Make Your Wedding Unique

Kill It with the Invites

If you want your wedding to be social from the start, the first step is to get your wedding invitations up to scratch. Traditional invites simply will not do when you are planning a unique wedding. You need to go further than the other brides and create an invite that lets them know your wedding will be different. Send a scroll, seal with wax, create a video invitation – do whatever floats your boat, but make it impressive!

Set the Stage

Forget the local chapel or that five-star hotel every bride in the area lists after and make the setting of your wedding as unforgettable part of the day as your pledge to love one another for a lifetime. If you are on the traditional sides, and you want at traditional venue, dress it up with tons of flowers, lots of bling or amazing vintage furniture. Of, however, you don’t mind pushing the envelope, make your wedding venue a woodland clearing, a Bali beach or a fabulous funfair to take your nuptials to the next level!

Flower Power

When it comes to a wedding, there is rarely such a thing as too many flowers. Use flowers on your dress, in your hair, in place of confetti and have a colourful time of it. You’re sure to wow your guests if you do. If you’re more conservative, using white and pink flowers only will give you a classier look, whereas the wild brides out there will find using a whole array of flowers in deep reds, vibrant oranges and bold yellows can have dramatic effects.

Transform Your Tables

When your guests are shown to their tables, you want them to be wowed rather than underwhelmed, so be sure to spend some time on your table design. Using quirky touches like photos instead of name cards, having custom cocktails ready and waiting, or creating individual goody bags with their favourite stuff inside are all great ways to get your guests in the spirit and show them how grateful you are they are there to share your day.

Customise Your Rings

Of course, making your wedding day special is as much for you as a couple as it is the guests. It’s your day not theirs, after all, which is why you should take the time to do something unique for yourselves. One of the coolest things you can do is use websites like https://antwerpdiamonds.direct/ and Pinterest to create your own bespoke wedding rings, which have personal meaning, look fantastic and serve as a reminder of your vows and your special wedding day.

Slip into a Killer Outfit

When the reception rolls around, make the effort to slip out of your dress and into a killer outfit that will ensure you look great on the dance floor. Try to choose an outfit that fits with your theme, is fun, flirty and encourages others to have a good time. It doesn’t have to be difficult, just go for a shorter hem, a new pair of shoes, and maybe let your hair down, to let your guests know it’s time to party.

Here We Are Now Entertain Us

Instead of sticking to a traditional reception with all the usual wedding songs, shake things up a bit by adding a live band, a burlesque show or some circus entertainment. If that sounds too wild for you, simply work with the DJ to create a playlist that covers all of the bases from love songs to some good old Rock and Roll, that’ll get everyone energized and up on the dancefloor.

Go to Town With Dessert

Dessert is one part of the proceedings that you can really go wild with. You no longer have to stick with the classic white cake and little else. You can create your own sweet bar, hire an ice cream vendor for the evening, or even create a wedding ‘cake’ out of your favourite candies, rather than actual cake.

Be Gracious

Not only should you make the time to speak with every guest who has been good enough to attend your wedding, but you should also invest some time and money in choosing wedding favours to show them how much you care. If they are the type with a sweet tooth, for example, a small package of their favourite candies will be well-received, or if they are the socially-conscious time, donating a small sum to their favourite charity will propel you to best bride ever. Do what works for you and what you think your guests will enjoy.

When the wedding is over, do not forget to send out handwritten thank you notes to everyone who attended, and to everyone who sent you a gift – it’s the cool thing to do.

Hire the Coolest Car

Whether you’re a Bentley Bride or a Ford Thunderbird kind of gal, be sure to make the best possible entrance by booking your dream car. If you want to really get your wedding party’s attention, hire cars for them too!

Let Your Hair Down

So many brides do not have any fun at their wedding. They’re too busy worrying about how they look, what the food will look like and if everyone will get too drunk and cause a scene, to really appreciate the significance of the day and the fact that they are surrounded by loved ones. Don’t let this be you. Your wedding is a once in a lifetime event, which is there to be enjoyed. Your guests will notice if you’re uptight and it will be tougher for them to relax too. If you can let your hair down and show them it’s okay to have fun, you’ll all have a much better time in the end.