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Is it okay to wear white for my Second Wedding?

Wearing white for a Second WeddingQuestion:

Is it okay to wear white for my Second Wedding? My Mom as well as my MIL do not think so. What other options do I have?


Second-time Brides are opting for White dresses nowadays so it is perfectly okay. But if you do not wish to offend your Mom or your Mother-in-Law, you can opt for a slight variation in the form of Ivory. Ivory colored Wedding dresses are very much preferred by second-time brides.

You have many more options when it comes to Wedding Dress colors for a Second Wedding. Pastel Shades in evening gowns or a cocktail dresses will make good informal Wedding dress for a second wedding.

You can also refer to our article – Bridal Dress Ideas for a Second Wedding for more tips.

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