Gift Ideas for Your Bridesmaids

At the time of marriage there are a lots of things going on in the bride’s mind but at the same time you do not want to not thank your bridesmaids for all her help and support.

A bridesmaid gift should be something special, something reflecting her personality, also which she treasures throughout her life. Make the gift simple but the same for everyone, or you could give different colors. It should be sweet and bought in advanced so that it could be presented on the wedding day itself.

Some Gift Ideas to Get You Started

Here are few of the ideas that could help you to choose from what to give your bridesmaid as a gift:

1. A big handbag makes a perfect gift for the bridesmaid to carry her personal belongings to the wedding. Each bridesmaid should be given their favorite color bags with their initials on it.

Monogram Damask Lined Tote Bag


2. Spoil your bridesmaid tired feet by giving each one a pair of comfortable and personalized flip-flops or something to go with the bridesmaid outfit.

Monogrammed Flip Flops – $19.92


3. Beautiful silver plated jewelry box that has flowers engraved along with each bridesmaid name on it would also be perfect.

Engraved Silver Heart Jewelry Box – $26.20


4. Custom made brooches and pins could also be an option. If there is one bridesmaid a flower brooch would be a wonderful option. If there are more then each one could be given a small flower or initial of their name brooch.

5. A silk scarf that goes with the bridesmaid dress would also be good.

Monogrammed Cashmere Scarf

6. Silver plated ring with each ones name on it would be a wonderful gift to treasured.

7. Friendship charm bracelet with Swarovski crystals and initial of the name would make the friendship more special.

Swarovski Crystal Bracelet With Monogram Charm

8. Buy the bridesmaid the dress of her choice to be worn for the wedding.

9. Capture the moment with silver-plated photo frame each having a picture of you and bridesmaid with names written on them. This would always remind her of you.

10. If there is any younger bridesmaid give them a teddy with their names on it.

11. Aromatherapy kit that could help the bridesmaid to relax after all the hectic days she has worked for. If you don’t care about the cost you could give the bridesmaid a gift voucher of a spa for her to relax.

Personalized Spa Toiletry Bags

12. A nice perfume could also be an option

13. Gift a bridesmaid a sliver plated engraved mirror, which she could carry, everywhere and look perfect all the time.

Personalized Heart Compact

14. An angel pendant in a sleek sliver chain that would classy and is very girly.

15. Small custom-made crystal showpieces, which symbolize friendship, could be an angel, cupid or anything else.

16. A sleek bracelet with the name of the bridesmaid engraved on it.

17. The bride could have a grand night out for all the bridesmaids along with their partners. The night should end with small presents.

At the end, it’s not the gifts that matter to your bridesmaids, but the appreciation you are showing them for helping you with your wedding.