Duties of the Bridesmaid

Duties of the BridesmaidThe Wedding day is one of the most important day in a women’s life. To become a brides maid is an honor that the bride gives to her friend or sister to be one of the most important person at the wedding. Being a bridesmaid comes along with a lot of responsibility and duties that have to be taken care of. Also being a bridesmaid has a fun side to it such as helping with the bridal shower and bachelorette party. The support of the bridesmaid for the bride as well as being a great listener will help keep the bride focused and relaxed while having a great time.

In earlier days it was believed that the bridesmaid would protect the bride from evil. This is why the bridesmaid dresses up similar to the bride, so that the evil would get confused. The bride can have more than one bridesmaid at the wedding.

Before The Wedding

The bridesmaid should help the bride with the planning of the wedding, she should be confident enough to give advice so that the bride feels relaxed and pressure free.

  • Helping the bride to choose for the perfect outfit for the big day. Remind her to go for the fitting of the dress. Make sure the dress is ready before time. Share some of the duties by asking her if you could pick up the dress for her.

  • With the help of maid honor organize the perfect hen night for her. Make sure the bride has fun so she is relaxed.

  • Help her with the decorations, invitations and music. Also help her to choose the perfect venue for wedding. Visit along with her to the different venue.

  • Host a perfect bridal shower for her.

  • Help her in the planning of the rehearsal dinner.

  • Make sure all the invitations reach on time.

  • Help choose the wedding cake, and ask her if you could pick it up for her.

On The Wedding Day

  • The bridesmaid should reach before time to see whether everything is all right.

  • Meet the bride at the church or venue door and organize any other attendants of the bride.

  • Helping the bride get dressed on the morning of the wedding day and make sure she stays calm before the ceremony.

  • The bridesmaid also organizes other bridesmaid and flower girl.

  • During the service holding the bouquet and returning it back to her after the ceremony .

  • Providing moral support throughout the wedding.

  • Telling the guests where the couple is registered and other details, such as when they will return from their honeymoon, where to send the gifts, and any name changes.

  • Attending the guests any helping them with the sitting arrangements.

  • Getting dressed on time and helping younger attendants, if any.

  • At the reception stand in the receiving line and greet the guests, if required .

  • Distribute slices of the wedding cake to the guests.

  • After the wedding when the bride has changed to go away it is the bridesmaid duty to take charge of the brides wedding dress.