Duties of the Maid Of Honor

Duties of the Maid Of HonorAs the maid of honor you have an important role to play making sure that the wedding is a success. Many times groom tend not to help as much for the wedding as the bride this is where the maid of honor plays an important role.There is only one maid of honor in most wedding parties,so being a maid of honor holds a singular position.

Here is the list of the duties that the maid of honor should do:

Before the wedding

  • Help the bride in deciding the perfect location for the wedding to take place. Visit with the bride to different location because choosing a location alone could be quite stressful for the bride, as it is a big decision.
  • Help the bride in choosing a wedding invitation. As well as ask her if she needs your help to address the invitation.
  • Take the responsibility of ordering the decorations and favors chosen by the bride. Also give opinions while choosing the decorations and favors. See to that they reach on time on the wedding day, shower and bachelorette party.
  • Go with the bride for shopping for her wedding dress. It is very important to make sure the dress is ordered and arrives on time and make sure there is enough time for alterations.
  • Many times the groom does not want to go to register for the wedding gifts. Be supportive by going with your friend to register and let guests know where the bride and groom are registered.
  • Help the bride with the seating arrangement. This could be difficult with more people coming for the wedding.
  • Host the bridal shower as well as bachelorette party.
  • Attend and help her with the rehearsal dinner.

Wedding Day

  • Make sure that the bride arrives on time for the ceremony and see to that everything is well organized.
  • Help the bride in getting dressed .Be a messenger if the bride wants to communicate some message to the groom or family member.
  • Help the bride with her dress and veil before the ceremony.
  • Help the bride to calm and relax before the ceremony.
  • Visit the reception venue to make sure that everything is according to the plan.
  • Be a witness in the signing of the marriage license, which is an honor.
  • Keep the brides bouquet during the ceremony. Make sure you have a free hand.
  • It is your duty to make sure that the groom’s ring is in your possession all the time until you give the ring to the bride.
  • Make a toast during the wedding party since it is tradition. Read our maid of honor speech examples for best friend and toast ideas to prepare your own heartfelt speech.
  • Last, but not the least, provide moral support and be a good listener throughout the process .Since it is a very special and positively stress time for your friend.You can really make the difference.