Jewelry for the Flower Girl

Jewelry for the Flower GirlTiara for the Flower Girl

Overall there is a diminished use of the tiara in today’s weddings; however, it still has its place. Think of the tiara as jewelry. This accent provides more flexibility for the miniature bride by achieving a slim elegant sparkle up top without having the complications of the veil. The tiara does not obscure the face of the miniature bride and it is more durable than the delicate veil headpiece.

Other Jewelry Gifts for the Flower Girls

Most often the bride will select a small necklace or charm for the flower girl to wear for the special day. To make the gift even more special there is an option of engraving the charm either with the flower girl’s initials, name or a small note of appreciation. Some people opt to engrave the date of the wedding. If the flower girl is the ‘miniature bride’ then the necklace should accentuate the dress, a small pearl pendant or a simple strand of imitation pearls is a prime choice.

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