Choosing Bracelets

Choosing Bracelets for the BridesmaidsFactors to be considered when choosing bracelets

  • Sleeve lengths, the diameter of the bouquet and apparel accessories are factors that need to be considered when opting to wear bracelets.

  • If a bracelet is worn, the fit should be just right. Not too tight, proper blood circulation is important and not too loose either.

  • Bracelets should not get caught in the bouquets.

A Dramatic, Elegant Sparkle

If long smooth tight fitting gloves are to be worn, you may want to consider adding a glitzy bracelet over the glove. This dramatic elegant sparkle is best for evening ceremonies and when the dress and glove is in a vivid or deep color which provides a high contrast. This particular look is best achieved with a smaller diameter simple floral bouquet which allows both the glove and the bracelet to capture the attention.

When not to wear a bracelet?

Typically winter weddings do not dictate the use of bracelets. Skip wearing bracelets when other accessories are being used (like hand muffs and short gloves). Omit wearing the bracelets if the bouquets are arranged in a large diameter or made up of a complex mix of flora. The primary focus in these cases is the bouquets, not the wrists. Large bouquets command the focal point during the ceremony, and bracelets will not be seen.

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