Choosing Earrings

Choosing EarringsThe style of the earrings is dictated by the shape of your face and your hairstyle. The rule of thumb is to wear larger sized earrings if no necklace is to be worn. This will uplift the focal point to your bridesmaids’ face.

Earrings to match the Bridesmaid’s Hair-do’s

Select larger dangle earrings for hairstyles that have the romantic wispy look. If the bridesmaids’ hair is to be styled in an “up dos” with hair accessories or even fresh flowers interwoven, then the focal point is the hair style not the earrings. Select simple earrings that will not distract from the hair accessories.

Multiple Earrings – The Proper Etiquette

When earrings are concerned, there are many personal preferences. In this day and age many bridesmaids will have their ears pierced more than once. When multiple earrings are worn, stick to simple color coordinated studs that work well with the color of the dress. The question if multiple earrings should be worn is one of etiquette. If the bridesmaids are in question, etiquette dictates that they should ask the bride.

Consider Bridesmaids who do not have their ears pierced

At the other end of the pierced ear spectrum is that some individuals do not have pierced ears. Clip on earrings is one solution; however, there are a number of people who are uncomfortable with these non-pierced earrings.

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