Necklaces and Necklines

The most successful accessories take into consideration the type of ceremony and the style of the dress. Use this guide for selecting necklaces for the bridesmaids.

Necklines suitable for Bare Necks – No Necklaces

Lately, there has been a trend of bare necks; that is not wearing any necklaces and favoring the focal point on the earrings. This can be considered with any dress and is always an option! The rule of thumb for not wearing any necklaces is when the bodice, collar, or neckline of the dress is ornately embellished. In these circumstances the necklace detracts from the design of the dress. An embellishment includes the use of lace, sequins, crystals, beads, pearls etc.

Consider the bare neck look when the dress has the following necklines and is lavishly embellished:



Necklines suitable for Intricate Necklaces

When should a necklace be considered? When the necklace enhances the neckline, accents the dress and provides an easy focal point. Consider a necklace that is intricate in design with the following necklines:



Necklines suitable for Drop Necklaces, ‘V’ Designs or Pendants

Necklaces that have a ‘v shape enhance the vertical points in the sweetheart necklines. Consider drop necklaces, ‘v’designs or pendants with the following dress necklines:


Off Shoulder Neckline


Hawaiian Leis

Hawaiian themed weddings are becoming more and more popular. Traditionally, the Hawaiian wedding does not have bridesmaids; however, contemporary brides are including their maidens. This is one circumstance that the type of ceremony dictates the necklace and the dress as well. The necklaces traditionally worn in these tropical weddings are leis. They are made up of white or red natural flowers. These flowers may include ginger (which is the most delicate), orchids, tuber roses or even carnations. This necklace is typically 40 inches long (a closed circle) and is worn half flowing down the front of the bodice and the other half the lei flowing down the back. Hawaiian tradition also dictates that a mother-to-be should wear an open lei (not a closed lei) for good luck.

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